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Pre-Owned Boats

Lincoln Ex-Demo Boat Sale!

Isle au Haut:  Red deck, White hull, Dark Blue seam and cockpit, Paddlelight lay-up, excellent condition.  $2700

Schoodic: Sea Foam deck and hull, Black seam. Paddlelight. Excellent condition. $2700

Sequin: Red deck, White Hull, Black seam. Paddlelight, keelstrip. Very good condition. $2200

Chebeague LV: Red deck, White hull, seam and cockpit. Carbon layup. Excellent condition, small prior repair. $2600

Big diamond: Yellow deck, white hull, Red seam and cockpit. Paddlelight, old style seat. Excellent condition. $900

Little Diamond: Lime Green deck, Sand hull, Light Blue seam and cockpit. Paddlelite, old style seat. Very good condition. $750

Two Lights: Orange deck, black seam and cockpit. Paddlelight, small internal repair. Very good condition $2700.

Newbury Kayak and Canoe carries a select number of used kayaks, canoes and SUPs.  See the list below for our current stock.

Call (978) 465-0312 for details.


Aquaterra Sea Lion with red trim $450
Classic ’95 17ft Sea Kayak with rudder.  Excellent condition.

Eddyline Night Hawk red $1300
’06 Performance 16ft Touring Kayak carbonlite 2000 49lbs.  Excellent condition.

Hurricane Soujourn 146 $1200
Light weight, thermo-formed day tourer.  Excellent  condition, like new.

North Shore Atlantic Roto Red $1000
Excellent condition polyethylene sea kayak.  British made, great performer.

Old Town Dirigo Tandem Plus orange swirl $500
15ft 3in tandem recreational kayak with room for a child as passenger.  Good condition.

Old Town Campden 10’6 Orange $450
Great condition, nice recreational kayak.

Two matched NDK Romanies, with trailer.  Package $4200
Excellent condition, rope skegs, compasses, with skirts and 3 paddles.  One Green with yellow, one yellow with green.

Prijon Viper kids kayak Red $300
Rare touring/performance kayak for kids/teens.  Good condition.

QCC 600X, beige/white with black trim $2,500
16ft 8in Carbon with rudder, 40lb, extremely fast and efficient touring or race kayak.  Excellent condition.

Turner Wilson skin on frame Greenland Kayak $2000
Sized for a small to medium paddler.  Perfect condition, barely used.

Wilderness Systems Tsunami 160 Pro $1700
Stable day touring kayak with rudder.  Composite.  Very good condition.

Wilderness Systems Tsunami 165 Pro red $1700
Stable day touring kayak with rudder.  Composite.  Very good condition.

Wilderness Systems Tempest 165 Pro $1700
High performance British style expedition kayak.  Composite.  Excellent condition.

Wilderness Systems Zephyr 155 Pro  $1700
High performance British style sea kayak.  Composite.  Excellent condition.


Old Town with electric motor $600
Motor bracket, paddles and cushions included.  Good condition.

Mad River Quest 14′ $200
Royalex, wood gunnels.  As is.  It’s a beater but will get you on the water.

Grumman 17′ Aluminum Canoe $700
Ex-rental.  Good condition.


Glide $800 each:
11′ 32lb extremely durable rec board that is perfect for beginners.

Glide Keiki kids $450
8’6″ 18lb board extremely durable board meant for kids.

Riviera 10-6. $600
New board, surface repair.


Werner Camano 230 FG/carbon paddle, excellent condition.  $125

Werner Cyprus 215 Full carbon paddle, excellent condition.  $220

Greenland kayak paddle, wood.  Near perfect condition. $150

Werner Bandit 57 canoe paddle.  Full carbon, big blade.  Excellent condition.  $150

Sawyer Ranger X canoe paddle.  Wood/carbon.  Excellent condition.  $75

Mitchell 60 Canoe paddle.  Wood.  Excellent condition.  $90

Thursday, Friday 12:00-5:00, Saturday 10:00-5:00

Newbury Kayak and Canoe

291 High Road (Rt. 1A)
Newbury, MA 01951

Google Map / Directions