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Newbury, MA 01951

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Pre-Owned Boats

Newbury Kayak and Canoe carries a select number of used kayaks, canoes and SUPs.  See the list below for our current stock.

Call (978) 465-0312 for details.


Aquaterra Sea Lion with red trim $450
Classic ’95 17ft Sea Kayak with rudder.  Excellent condition.

Eddyline Night Hawk red $1300
’06 Performance 16ft Touring Kayak carbonlite 2000 49lbs.  Excellent condition.

Hurricane Soujourn 146 $1200
Light weight, thermo-formed day tourer.  Excellent  condition, like new.

Lincoln Chebeague yellow and orange $2000
2012 14.5ft Lightweight 37lb Day Touring Kayak, composite.  Excellent condition.

Wilderness Systems Pungo 140 sand $450
Excellent performing recreational/light touring kayak.  Good condition.

Wilderness Systems Alto yellow $100
’96 15ft Touring Kayak for a small paddler.  Fair condition.

Wilderness Systems Tsunami 165 red $1700
Stable day touring kayak with rudder.  Composite.  Very good condition.

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 $600
Classic sit-on-top, stable and fun.  Ex-rental, excellent condition.

Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 $550
Stable, good performance, recreational kayak.  Ex-rental, good condition.

Wilderness Systems Pamlico 145 $650
Tandem kayak, easy and fun.  Ex-rental, good/fair condition


Old Town with electric motor $600
Motor bracket, paddles and cushions included.  Good condition.


Malibu Touring $500
11’6″ touring board suitable for all levels of skill.

Glide $800 each:
11′ 32lb extremely durable rec board that is perfect for beginners.
10′ 25lb Lotus yoga board lightweight and easy to carry. Very stable and durable.

Glide Keiki kids $450
8’6″ 18lb board extremely durable board meant for kids.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 10:00-5:00, Saturday 9:00-6:00, Sunday 10:00-5:00

Newbury Kayak and Canoe

291 High Road (Rt. 1A)
Newbury, MA 01951

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