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Kayak vs. Canoe

How to decide between a kayak and a canoe-kayaks-Parker

Are you new to Kayaks and Canoes?

Do you wonder which is best for you?

Here are some pointers from those who know…

You want a KAYAK if:

  • You would like to paddle alone. Canoes can be paddled solo but it takes a good bit of technique if you don’t want to spend the day going in circles.
  • You would like to go out on the ocean.  Most kayaks are sit-inside craft, you sit with your legs within the cockpit.  This keeps you and your stuff a lot drier when you encounter ocean waves.  In addition kayaks handle better in the rougher ocean waters.
  • You would like maximum ease for getting your craft in and out of the water. Kayaks are mostly lighter and easier to shift from one place to another than are canoes.

You want a CANOE if:

  • You would like to travel longer distances for extended time.  There is a lot more stowage space in a canoe.  You can go camping without having to pack super light.
  • You would like company.  Canoes are ideal for carrying two or even three passengers.
  • You want to bring non-paddlers.  Canoes have plenty of room for passengers, human, canine or other, who won’t be picking up a paddle.Wenonah-canoes

This being said the rules are not hard and fast:

  • There are Sit-On-Top kayaks that are great for toting a non-paddler, provided you are not going far.
  • There are lighter weight canoes that are not so hard to load onto a vehicle.
  • There are kayaks specially designed for long adventures.

The possibilities are endless!

Come to us with your questions.  We can send you off with a paddle craft that suits you!

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Newbury Kayak and Canoe

291 High Road (Rt. 1A)
Newbury, MA 01951

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